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20:00 – 22:00
Het Nieuwe Instituut

An evening all about an age-old, man-made material that has long been associated with innovation and progress: glass. This Material Night focused on how contemporary designers take up the challenge of glass and experiment with it. Moderator Lennart Booij hosted an evening with guests including designers from Atelier NL and Toon Koehorst and Jannetje in ’t Veld, curators of the exhibition GLASS.

16:00 – 20:00
Het Nieuwe Instituut

In the context of the 34th World Expo opening in Milan in the spring of 2015, Het Nieuwe Instituut addressed this phenomenon from different perspectives, between April 26 and August 23, in three exhibitions: What is the Netherlands, Garden of Machines and GLASS. The recurring question in the programme Innovation at the World Expo was: under what conditions is innovation achieved, and what role do designers play within that process?

GLASS. Engine of progress
Toon Koehorst and Jannetje in 't Veld
Koehorst in 't Veld

This project is part of the programme track Things and Materials and the folder Series on Materials.

The exhibition GLASS shows how this age-old, man-made material is still inextricably connected to progress and how it continuously challenges contemporary designers to innovative experiments.